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We have 3 convenient Locations to serve you: Granville Island Vancouver BCGibsons BC and Powell River BC.

Transport Canada Requires Commercial Small Vessel Operators (Captains) to

have FOUR Certifications to operate a commercial vessel as a Master (Captain).


1. The 4 day Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) course.

2. The 1 day Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS) formerly MED A3.

3. The 1 day Marine VHF course (ROC-M) marine radio.

4. Any 2 day basic first aid course.


 We almost always offer these courses in succession, Monday to Saturday.

We do not offer first aid.

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Transport Canada Commercial Training


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Land's End Marine Training is now offering courses at 3 locations for your convenience!
Choose from Granville Island serving the Greater Vancouver area,
Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Powell River, BC!


Unique Reasons to Train With Land's End Marine Training
in Granville Island, Gibsons or Powell River, BC Canada

Not just any school can be a Transport Canada Marine Safety Course Provider. Instructors must have a Transport Canada Commercial Masters Certificate, an Adult Education Diploma, comply with Transport Canada Quality Management and use certified texts and approved exams. The process takes up to two years to finally qualify and courses are audited by Transport Canada Master Mariners.

We currently have 3 Commercial Training Courses available. Please click on the links above for course information or Contact Us for information.

About training and seamanship, Joseph Conrad, Master Mariner and Author said,

"He who, putting his trust in the friendship of the sea, neglects the strength and cunning of his right hand, is a fool."

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